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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I apply for membership with the NJVMA?
A:  You can get an application either on line www.njvma.org or we can email, fax or mail one to you. Fill it out and
     return it to NJVMA Headquarters; the first year dues are free for active members (members living and/or working
     in NJ).
Q:  How much are the yearly Practice Membership dues?

Number of FT Veterinarians










15 or more





  I was a member and let the membership lapse. How do I renew my membership?
A:  To reinstate your membership, please complete this form and mail in or fax it to the NJVMA office. 

Q:  What are the new guidelines for CE?
A:  The Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners states that you will need 20 CE hours for a two-year
Q:  Does the NJVMA offer any CE programs?
A:  Yes, the NJVMA Annual Meeting offers outstanding CE at a great value. The 127th NJVMA Annual Meeting is
     scheduled for March 4-6, 2011 at Hamilton Park Conference Center, Florham Park, NJ. Check the
Special Events page in the Fall for registration information. Additionally, the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference,
     October 12-14, 2010 offers over 300 hours of CE! For program and registration, go to  www.acvc.org.
Q:   What CE programs count towards CE credits in NJ?
A.   Click here for a list of approved CE programs. If you have any questions, please contact the State Board of
      Veterinary Medical Examiners at 973-504-6500 or Dr. Wayne Randolph, the Chair of the CE Committee at 908
      788-1800 for more information.
Q:   I want to make my meeting or seminar approved for CE in NJ. Who do I need to call?
A:   Please submit the title of course, course abstract, name of lecturer and length
      of course to
Q:  I have joined or started a new practice, changed my address, phone, fax, email. How do I change that  
      information on line?
A:  If you are a current member, please click on the "Renew My Membership” on the homepage. Please sign-in with
     your e-mail address and password and then go to "My Information" to update your information. You may also
     email  or fax the updated info to NJVMA Headquarters and someone will make those changes in the
     membership database & on the NJVMA website. Please note that website changes are made on a quarterly
Q:  How would I go about having a hospital inspection done?
A:  Please complete a hospital inspection form & mail it to the NJVMA with a check for $105.00 (if requested on or
     before March 7th, after that, the cost is $130.00). Dr. Russell Earl (Hospital Inspection Committee-Chair) will be
     informed regarding your request. Inspections will take place after March 7th.
Q:  How long do I have to keep medical records?
A:   If you know that the pet is deceased, you must keep them for 3 years from the death of the animal.
      If you are unsure but have not seen the pet you must keep the records for 5 years. This means all
      medical records including radiographs. If you have gone all digital, we strongly recommend investing in a
      secure back-up system to protect against computer hard drive crash.
Q:  My client wants a copy of their medical records. Am I required to give them a copy?
A:  Yes, if a client requests copies of their pets’ medical records, they are entitled to them. It is recommended that
     the client mail, fax or hand deliver a written request for records. You should have these records available to the
     client within ten business days and have the right to charge a nominal fee. The fee would cover the cost of
     printing &administrative costs for time that it takes to have the copies made. DO NOT give clients
     original medical records. 
Q: Do we need to keep copies of prescriptions?
A: Yes, you should note any prescription in the patient's medical record and maintain a system for tracking all
    prescriptions by keeping copies or a log. These records should be kept for five years, or three if the records
    reflect the death of the animal.

Q:  In the event of a transfer of ownership what documentation should have the client sign?
A:  First, it is recommended that you have all new owners sign this form which indicates who the owner is. In the
     case of transfer of ownership, you should have the client complete
this consent form.
Q:  How do I go about applying for a veterinary license or temporary license in New Jersey or get a copy?
A:   To apply for a veterinary license or obtain a copy of an existing license, please contact the
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners at 973-504-6500.
Q:  I am now living in another state/country and need a letter of good standing from New Jersey to apply for a
      license in this state/country. What should I do?
A:   Please contact the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners at 973-504-6500. They will be able to send a
      letter to the state board where you are now applying for a license.
Q.  Where can a veterinarian acquire human rabies vaccination? 
A.   Veterinarians are not permitted to vaccinate their staff because it is considered to be the practice of human
      medicine. The best places to check are a) local health officer, as they often will have a program to vaccinate their
      shelter workers, or b) Passport Health,1-800-741-0504, which is a private company that will come to the clinic
      and vaccinate staff. It is recommended that you check with your health insurance carrier to see if it's covered as
Q:  What the requirements for the disposal of controlled drugs?
A:   For more information on the disposal of controlled drugs, please contact the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug
      Enforcement Administration,
Destruction of Controlled Substances page or contact the DEA Call Center 1-800
Q:  How do I go about posting a classifieds ad on your website?
A:  You must be a member of the NJVMA to post classified ads. If you are an active member, email or fax your
     classified ad to
info@njvma.org or fax: 908-450-1286. Please note that all classified ads must be submitted in
THIS format. Please allow three to five business days for your ad to be posted to the website. Not a member?
     Visit the
Join Us page to learn more about the benefits of membership.
Q:  How do I go about acquiring a list of relief vets?
A:  The NJVMA has a list of relief vets available to members only. Please visit the Join Us page to learn more about
     the benefits of becoming a member. If you are an active member, please contact the NJVMA Headquarters for a
     current list at info@njvma.org or (908) 281-0918. .
Q:  I am being asked to provide my clinic’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) number by the
      pharmacies that fill my patient’s prescriptions, what’s my NPI number
A:  The NJVMA was successful in exempting veterinarians from obtaining a National Provider
     Identifier, veterinarians are not required to obtain a NPI, which is a unique identification number for certain health
     care providers. Not having an NPI number does not bar veterinarians from having prescriptions filled at
Q:  Do you have career programs/events to educate students about careers in veterinary
      medicine? If so, how can I help?
A:  Yes, the NJVMA occasionally receives requests from schools throughout the state to have a licensed
     veterinarian visit the school and speak to students about careers in veterinary medicine. If you are a licensed 
     veterinarian in New Jersey and a member of the NJVMA, you may choose to be added as a potential speaker
     when requests come in by e-mailing your interest to phernandez@njvma.org.
Q:  Where can I find more information regarding veterinary technicians in New Jersey?
A:  Please visit the New Jersey Veterinary Technicians and Assistants website or e-mail info@njvta.com for more
New Jersey Veterinary Foundation (NJVF)
Q:   How do I make a donation to the New Jersey Veterinary Foundation in memory of a pet?
A:   You can make a donation by check or credit card for any amount. You can choose where you would like to see
      the donation applied to, there are three categories: Animal Welfare (to improve animal welfare programs),
      Veterinary Student Financial Aid (helps provide assistance to needy veterinary students through the foundations
      loan & grant program), or the General Foundation Fund (to be used in the area which has the greatest need).
      Following your donation, you will receive a thank you for the donation. A letter will also be sent to the owner of the
      pet letting them know that you made the donation. Please visit the NJVF page to make a donation and to learn
      more about upcoming programs and events.
Q:   I learned about the NJVF “In-Sympathy” cards. What are they and how do I purchase them?
A:   The “In-Sympathy” cards are individual note cards that you can purchase at a cost of $100.00 for  a pack of ten
      cards. You the choice to add a personal message. You can pay for the cards by check or credit card. For
      more information, please e-mail


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