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Hero Category
Awarded to Mattey, a 12-year-old Lhasa Apso credited with saving both human and animal lives by alerting his owner to a fire in a 200 year-old row home. One of the things that makes Mattey's efforts so notable is that the small dog has an eye condition that has left him almost completely blind.

Owner - Ellena Marini
Veterinarian - Dr. Karen Froberg

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Companion Category
Awarded to Sheena, a three-year-old lab and golden retriever mix. Sheena is the constant companion of 82-year-old Virginia Uhl whom she showers with love and offers friendly greetings each morning. Sheen was also able to help Virginia lift herself up one day from the ground when she fell outdoors. Family members say that Sheena gives Virginia purpose each day.

Owner - Doreen Schiano
Veterinarian - Dr. Don Shatto

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Companion Category (Posthumous)
Awarded to Chie, an Arabian horse, owned by Mary Lee Fulcher. Together they shared a special bond and served together as volunteers for the Gladstone Equestrian Association.

Owner - Mary Lee Fulcher
Veterinarian - Dr. David Migliaccio

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 Therapy Category
A tie this year - awarded to Mabel, Winnie, and Amanda. All three dogs are participants in the Pet Assisted Therapy Program at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Paterson, NJ. These dogs are exceptional in their abilities to visit pediatric patients and provide an opportunity for remedial play, physical therapy, and assistance with ambulation after surgery, not to mention their availability for lots of hugs and tummy rubs.

Owner - Donna Luzzo (Winnie);
- Dr. Vincent Zaccheo
  Owner - Beth Malekoff (Mabel)
Veterinarian - Dr. John North
- Cynthia Kiefer (Amanda)
Veterinarian - Dr. Beth Hunton

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Professional Category
Awarded to Torch, a one and one-half year old Labrador-pointer mix that began life as a humble shelter dog. Unwanted by a previous owner because he was too rambunctious, Torch was finally rescued by someone who would appreciate and maximize Torch's energetic qualities. Torch is now a fire investigator with the New Brunswick Fire Department. In his spare time, he helps teach children to recognize and appreciate the potential in those deemed "different."

Owner - Frank Abbate
Veterinarian - Dr. Barbara Day

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Special Recognition
Given to Caber, a three-year-old German Shepherd. Caber is an all around dog that is a gentle and loving family pet, a hero for saving his human family's children from an attack by a rabid raccoon, a registered therapy dog who visits schools and nursing homes, and a hard worker who enjoys competing and winning as a herding utility dog.

Owner - Karen Lessig
Veterinarian - Dr. Suzanne Smith

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